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Imagination and Climate Futures scholars are engaged in a set of research projects that explore the nature of imagination, in particular the question how different individuals and groups imagine their climate futures. These projects grapple with challenging methodological questions, exploring survey and interview techniques to probe imagination processes and associated emotions.

The relationship between Imagination and Social Transformation is the topic of the most recent ICF project. This project brings together expertise on imagination and transformation from multiple disciplines with the aim to develop an integrated understanding of imagination as a key variable that may stimulate, support or in other ways shape the success of social-ecological transformations. We are interested in a particular type of imagination: ideas about the future that are informed by climate change science and can be used to inform political decision-making about climate change in the present.

The Anthropocene Campus Project explores changing conceptions of the Anthropocene among young scholars and artists who attend the Anthropocene Campus events, run by the Haus der Kulturen der Welt (House of World Cultures) in Berlin. We seek to trace the effect of these conceptual changes on interdisciplinary knowledge production as well as global environmental policy-making. The project combines quantitative and qualitative methods to identify, visualize and analyze complex belief systems. More information about the Anthropocene Campus events is available at

  • A first result of this project is a chapter entitled “Making Scientific Sense of the Anthropocene – Definitions and Emotions of Young Anthropocene Researchers” in an edited volume on Humanities for the Environment (HfE) – Integrating Knowledges, Forging new Constellations of Practice. (edited by Joni Adamson, Michael Davis and Hsinya Huang, Routledge Publishing, 2016.)
  • This blog post explores different definitions and meanings of the Anthropocene.

Inspired by ICF’s speaker series, featuring Margaret Atwood and Paolo Bacigalupi, Manjana Milkoreit recently published a paper on the political power of climate fiction in an edited volume called Reimagining Climate Change.

  • Milkoreit, M. (2016). The Promise of Climate Fiction – Imagination, Storytelling and the Politics of the Future. In Wapner, Paul and Hilal Elver (eds.) Reimagining Climate Change. Routledge Publishing.