"I think calling it climate change is rather limiting. I would rather call it everything change.

Everything is changing in ways that we cannot yet fully understand or predict." -- Margaret Atwood

Imagination is essential to our ability to create, design and bring about the futures we want. Scientific inquiry, combined with our own dreams, fears and desires, are the building blocks of the future we will create.


Everything Change Anthology, Volume III

A collection of short stories by writers around the world, exploring the climate crisis and how human responses to it will shape the futures we inhabit. Featuring the 10 finalists of our climate fiction contest in 2020.

Everything Change, Volume II

Everything Change, Volume II is a digital anthology featuring 10 stories from our 2018 Everything Change Climate Fiction Contest. The anthology features stories about climate chaos and its aftermath, ranging across genres from science fiction and fantasy to literary fiction and prose poetry.

Everything Change: An Anthology of Climate Fiction

Everything Change is a digital anthology featuring contributions from renowned science fiction authors Kim Stanley Robinson and Paolo Bacigalupi, along with 12 stories from our 2016 Climate Fiction Short Story Contest. The anthology explores a variety of possible futures for Earth and humanity transformed by climate change.